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And the Adventure Begins

4 days ago, on May 20th, my girlfriend Kayla and I set off with our wheels pointing east for our first big ride of 2015.  The plan is as follows:  Take our time getting to Wilmington, NC, seeing friends and family along the way.  From there, we and our motorcycles are scheduled to leave aboard a container ship on April 3rd, spend 11 days at sea and eventually port in Antwerp, Belgium.  From Belgium we will head south towards warmer climates into Spain, Portugal (maybe), Italy and so on.  The route is rather loose at this point but we are hoping to catch a boat from Italy to Greece and work our way back north through Montenegro, Romania, Albania and eventually as far north as Sweden. So there you have it, that is our very basic itinerary that could change at any point.          Since our embarkation we have only covered about 1,100 miles but enjoyed a nice evening with my parents in Salina, KS, caught up with a good friend in Kansas City, MO and camped under a starry sky in M…

Via Mexico: The Final Chapter

Alright, where was I?  Oh yes, we were stuck in Hermosillo and I just connected with a Yamaha dealer to help us out.  Turns out these guys were pretty great and gave it there best effort to help us out.  Though they were expectedly unable to repair the now oversized paper weight we once called a motorcycle, they did offer us free storage in the back of their shop.  So, from here we spent three days basically scratching our heads, trying our best to maintain our composure and devise an exit strategy.   What ended up happening was that we left both our bikes at the dealership, knowing that there was no other option, and caught the next bus out of town.  Thats right, a bus.  By this point we had resigned ourselves to the fact that the motorcycle part of our adventure had come to a close, but the adventure itself was far from over.            24 hrs later, deep in throws of Montezumas Revenge (I should add at ths point that having Montezumas  Revenge on a bus across Mexico is b…